Honeybee Exposure Studies


In the past, the exposure of honeybees to crop protection products via the oral and dermal routes has mainly been investigated in terms of spray residues on treated crops. However, in the last years further investigations have been conducted to develop study designs to determine exposure of honeybees to treated seeds resulting from the ingestion of contaminated guttation fluid and dressed seed coating dust.

Our team has established specifically designed methodologies and studies to record and monitor the drift of contaminated dust during and after the sowing of coated seeds of various crops.
We also have the capacity to conduct studies at a number of locations in Europe simultaneously.

Against a background of laboratory studies revealing a possible danger to honeybees via the contents of guttation fluid, we have conducted several studies to determine the degree to which honeybees are exposed to various crop protection products via guttation fluid.
  • Field studies
    • 2D and 3D dust drift studies
    • Guttation studies
    • Residue monitoring
  • Organisation and monitoring of the residue phase