Non-Apis studies


Non-Apis bees are important pollinators for many crops. To ensure that plant protection products applied in agriculture represent no risk for these species, the current risk assessment regulations in Europe (EFSA guidance 2013) include higher tier studies with bumblebees and solitary bees.
Since 2014 our team has been successfully conducting pilot studies with bumble and solitary bees to assess the effects of plant protection products. Study designs for semi-field honeybee studies (EPPO GL 170) were adapted to take the special requirements for non-Apis species into account.
To improve and standardize study designs, our experts are members of the ICP-PR working group on non-Apis bees.
  •  Semi-field studies
    • Bumblebee study
    • Solitary bee study
  • Field studies
    • Bumblebee study
  • Organisation and monitoring of the residue phase