GLP Field Studies

Our field study team offers incomparable experience in designing and conducting all types of generic and effect field studies under GLP conditions. By using appropriate adaptations to our field study designs, we are able to address all questions arising in higher tier risk assessments in accordance with current EU legislation.

Close cooperation between our field team and our senior risk assessors ensures that each study is carefully designed to address the specific endpoints required in the respective risk assessments.
Recorded data are analysed in the light of current scientific knowledge and presented in conclusive and concise reports based on detailed raw data.

We are a certified GLP laboratory and have comprehensive first-hand experience of conducting generic and effect field studies - advantages which can further enhance the value of your registration data.

Our portfolio of field studies is continuously updated to provide you the comprehensive range of options to strengthen your data package with field data (e.g. full fauna studies according to Bakker et al. (2010) or tailor-made fulfilling your specific requirements).