Sustainable development is the pathway of continuous improvement to meet human development goals while sustaining ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depends. With sustainable management, your organization will thrive by maintaining economic viability whilst meeting the needs of todays’ and future generations.


Our goal is to enable your business to achieve effective sustainable development. To help you achieve this, our sustainability team develops customized solutions for the economic, environmental and social challenges faced by your business in terms of sustainability management.
Our team has extensive experience in conducting sustainability studies using state-of-the-art methodologies. This includes life cycle assessment (LCA) according to ISO 14040 standards. We offer diverse, customized communication strategies for sustainability assessment. These range from full scientific reports to interactive educational games.


Because of the ever-increasing need to provide food for a growing world population, our special focus is on the agricultural and food sectors. We are able to conduct comprehensive quantitative and qualitative sustainability assessments of products, production systems and entire value chains for these sectors. The results of these assessments will provide your business with the information necessary to make the informed decisions required to achieve sustainable development.
  • LCA studies (ISO 14040)
  • Socio-economic LCA studies
  • Hot Spot Analysis
  • Interactive sustainability communication tools
  • Strategic portfolio segmentation
  • Stakeholder engagement management
  • Value chain analysis
  • Data collection