Environmental Fate


Standard and country-specific PEC calculations for all compartments (soil, water, sediment, air) are provided by our Environmental Fate team. Additionally, we prepare the appropriate sections of dossiers (Annex II/ III & dRR) in compliance with current EU legislation for the registration of plant protection products and active substances.

Our E-fate team is familiar with all standard software tools used in the EU and country specific registration process (e.g. PELMO, MACRO, PEARL, PRZM, FOCUS Steps 1 and 2, SWASH, TOXSWA, EVA, Input Decision and others).
Kinetic analyses are performed using ModelMaker© or KinGUI. We also develop custom-made exposure models and software for higher tier modelling.

We tailor spatial higher tier analysis solutions to meet the needs of our clients using Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Standard tasks include the generation and evaluation of spatial information and the analysis of geo-data to estimate the consequences of pesticide applications.
  • PEC calculations and reporting
  • Kinetic analyses
  • Dossier Preparation according to Regulation (EU) 1107/2009 (AII, AIII, dRR)
  • Higher tier modelling / development of custom-made models
  • GIS analyses
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