Wildlife Ecotoxicology


All EU and country-specific requirements are taken into account in our exposure and risk assessments for birds and mammals. We provide Tier 1 and higher tier risk assessments to comply with current EU or country-specific guidance documents.

Our wildlife experts are highly skilled zoologists with extensive knowledge of the biology, ecology and natural history of established focal species,  European and other fauna. This gives our team the ability to provide you with the best possible solutions in wildlife ecotoxicology.
Our wildlife ecotoxicology experts are familiar with all potential refinement options, and bringing forward new refinement ideas to deliver in-depth exposure assessments.

We also offer high-quality expert statements and literature surveys on topics of relevance to risk assessment.

Based on our long experience we are able to advice you effectively in your strategy planning and support you in the dialogue with the authorities.

  • Higher tier risk assessments
  • Development of strategies
  • Evaluation of authority requests
  • Dialogue with authorities
  • Expert Statements
  • Literature surveys
  • Dossier and report preparation
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