Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

The monitoring of studies by our scientists guarantees a reliable data set for your submission. We provide design, monitoring and evaluation of standard and higher tier studies and terrestrial risk assessments on soil organisms, honey bees, non-target arthropods and plants in compliance with current guidance documents and national regulations, addressing the specific issues of your product.

Our detailed checks of completeness and report summaries can further support your dossier submissions.
In addition, we offer probabilistic risk assess- ments (e.g. species sensitivity distribution or modelling) for advanced refinement steps.

The close cooperation between our teams and the development of up-to-date strategies and solutions in consultation with our clients ensures the successful registration of your plant protection product.
  • Check of completeness
  • Study monitoring
  • Planning and evaluation of higher tier field studies
  • Deterministic and probabilistic risk assessments
  • Expert statements
  • Dossier preparation
  • Evaluation of authority requests