Population Modelling

RIFCON offers individual based models for small mammals (common vole Microtus arvalis, common shrew Sorex araneus) as well as for the Collembolan Folsomia candida.
The models were specifically developed to realistically reproduce population dynamics of these species.

Our small mammal models simulate the dynamic spatial arrangement of home ranges in different habitats. Therefore, such models allow conducting population-level assessments in custom landscapes after applications of plant protection products.
The Collembolan model focuses especially on the dynamic spatial distribution of the individuals and the toxicant, and on density dependent population regulation.

In addition, we offer complete risk assessments including higher tier population modelling approaches. Our population modellers cooperate closely with our wildlife risk assessment and field experts to create models that profit from our long scientific, field and regulatory experience.

We also offer the development of custom modelling solutions for various species of concern on your request.
  • Risk assessments using our population models
  • Development of custom modelling solutions
  • Introductory workshops for population modelling in regulatory risk assessment
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