Dietary Safety


Our Dietary Safety team draws up standard and country-specific evaluations and calculations for the preparation of dossiers in compliance with EU legislation. Furthermore, we prepare MRL- dossiers and import tolerance petitions.
Dietary assessments for consumers' safety are based on residues in food and relevant toxicological endpoints. The results of residue studies, feeding studies, rotational crop studies, metabolism studies and investigations into the nature and fate of active ingredients during industrial processing are all taken into account as part of the consumer safety assessment.

We conduct risk calculations (acute and chronic) with EFSA and country specific models.
  • Check of completeness
  • Evaluation and summarisation of studies
  • Calculation of feed intake & MRLs
  • Risk assessments according to  EFSA and country-specific models
  • Dossier Preparation (AIR, dRR new format, JMPR, Import Tolerance)
  • Expert statements
  • Evaluation of authority requests
  • Study Monitoring