Foundation of BioConsult by Michael Riffel and first ecotox risk assessments and dossier chapters
First ecotox field studies
25 employees, new areas e-fate, modelling, databases
Conversion into RIFCON GmbH leading company for wildlife field studies in the EU
Implementation of wildlife effect studies, GLP certificate
Preparation of Annex II and Annex III dossiers according Council Directive 91/414/EEC
Biological assessment dossiers, microarthropods field studies, extension of GLP certificate to laboratory studies
Honeybee exposure and effect studies (dust drift, guttation)
Biodiversity assessments, dRR dossiers, 3D dust drift studies, Full Fauna studies, 95 employees
Full Fauna Studies
130 employees, new premises in Hirschberg
Large scale aquatic field studies under GLP
Going global: Foundation of RIFCON Corp. in Raleigh, NC USA and foundation of Luambe Conservation Ltd in Chipata, Zambia. Large scale field-studies in Brazil. Field work with amphibians and reptiles.

160 employees and growing. We are going on. Our motto: "Experts you can trust!"

> Directive 91/414/EEC