Quality Assurance


The RIFCON GmbH Test Facility has been included in the national Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Compliance Programme since 2006 and is certified in categories 4 (environmental toxicity studies on aquatic and terrestrial organisms) and 7 (studies on effects on mesocosms and natural ecosystems).

Our Quality Assurance (QA) team audits study plans, raw data and final reports as well as standard operating procedures to guarantee compliance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice.
Furthermore, critical phases of studies conducted in the field and laboratory are audited by our team, which is well experienced in GLP field and laboratory research.

Our facilities (including archives for long-term storage of GLP data and retain samples) are inspected by  appropriate accrediting authorities on a regular basis to ensure continuous GLP compliance. In addition to our in-house QA programmes and activities, we also offer on-site support to the GLP facilities of our clients’ in accordance with their specific needs and requirements.
  • Quality Assurance in compliance with OECD guidelines and the German ChemG
  • Quality check of study data and
    study conduct
  • Advice and further education of GLP personnel
  • QA support at client’s premises